130 love forecast for the near future Pisces Libra Sagitarius

130 love forecast for the near future Pisces Libra Sagitarius

Love forecast for the near future.
I am one of those women who dealt with “the player” the “King of Wands” type of guy that totally caught me off guard in my life. I share my own readings in hopes to help those of you who are or have gone through my similar experiences. I do the readings and I also discuss about it. I share my own tarot readings because I find it often verifies and clarifies other’s tarot readings, if you share the same signs as me in your birth chart what I find may resonate with you. If you look at my other videos you will see my readings coincide with one another too.

The video I recommend is: JUPITER IS YOUR MAN – HOW TO FIX YOUR MAN

Since tarot is said to be a reflection of astrology, I am a Pisces with 4 parts of Pisces and 4 parts of Libra, 3 parts Sagitarrius in my chart, my ex is a Libra. Maybe my story resonates with you in some way.
I’m documenting my tarot readings with various decks for learning, future confirmation and clarity, and to see if it all comes to pass!
This will also confirm whether keeping up with tarot and oracles is useful, beneficial, and how for those interested in doing tarot and/or getting a tarot reading from me or others.

IF you are interested in me reading your energy through the cards send me a comment.

I realize I am actually on a twin flame journey, as my later tarot spreads will show you***
I created this channel and decided to document my tarot spreads trying to find answers over a breakup with someone who I thought was “the one”, I began to notice patterns in my tarot spreads, the same cards would show up in the same places but more would be elaborated because of time. Finally, I began to realize the guy who betrayed me was actually my twin flame and we were both on a twin flame journey. *UPDATE* Twin flames, I’m still not sure what to think about them, but with further tarot divinations I’m finding God is in control of all that enters and exits your life. The Lovers, Temperance, all the Aces are all examples of God bringing things into your life from opportunities to people like lovers. The 4 of Cups is another example of a breakup, where God is offering that “ace of cups” to you or whomever, and they refuse it. So please don’t stay in a bad relationship because a basic tarot reader told you that someone is your soul mate or past life relationship because EVERYONE is a soulmate, karmic because God controls everyone who enters and exits your life. THE SIX OF CUPS is another often abused card as tarot readers claim it is past life relationships and reconciliation, though reconciliation is possible, the most common meaning I find for the six of cups is PAST KARMIC ENERGY entering your life, aka when you date the same kind of person over and over again, you keep dating cheaters or you keep dating people who abuse you, you are not paying attention to the KARMIC LESSON that needs to be learned, so God is bringing THE SAME energy AGAIN to teach you the lesson you need to learn. Again, don’t stay in ANY unhealthy relationships because a tarot reader told you that person is your “soul mate” or “past life relationship”, anyone who enters your life can be potential “soul mates” “marriage material” it just depends how you and that person treat your relationship which highly is influenced with both your vibrations. Look at my videos for more topics about this.

Disclaimer!!! The card’s energy is simply the energy from the circumstances, I’m in the dark of all that is going on in my situation so I am only using my intuition, fear, and ego to create the story….as I reflect on my videos later, I realize there could have been other meanings than what I initially thought.

April 2 , 2020

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