GUT HEALTH BASICS Nutrition 101

    GUT HEALTH BASICS Nutrition 101 GUT HEALTH BASICS Nutrition 101, watch this great video on the basics of nutrition and gut health. A healthy gut will mean you get less issues with your well being in other areas. Gut health is relative to strength of your immune system. What it is, what it means to have a healthy gut, and what you can do to support your gut! This is also another great video on Healthy Gut. Read About Skincare Tips

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  • sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts

    Millennials Gen Zs will sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts

    Will someone sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts. ‘’I’d rather just have the money” – Think again if you were planning to gift your heirlooms this Christmas Millennials and Gen Zs will sell sentimental, second-hand Christmas gifts that they receive from relatives, according to a new survey of 2,000 young people (18-35). The only things they would keep are small, expensive pieces like jewellery and diamonds. The survey, ran by jewellers Hancocks, found that Millennials and Gen Z are turning down certain gifted sentimental items from relatives, choosing instead to donate them to charity (26.05%) or sell them (50.12%). 68% of …

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  • love meme dog


  • keep your skin healthy

    Top tips to keep your skin healthy

    Top tips to keep your skin healthy this winter! A top beauty expert for an international skincare brand has issued a stark warning ahead of the winter months to keep your skin healthy. Skin Academy’s Richard Jorden admits that cold weather can have a drastic impact on skin and is now calling on people to make changes which will help avoid lasting damage which can lead to crippling pain. Richard, MD at the UK-based firm, says that just a number of small changes can help minimise damage and keep the skin fresh throughout the cold weather. “Revitalising your skin in the cold …

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