Boho Leo ... Vali Myers

Boho Leo … Vali Myers

Boho Leo Vali Myers - her horoscope from top astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.Australian artist Vali Myers was born on August 2, 1930 [and died in 2003]. She is known for her detailed fine pen and ink drawings but is equally famous for her fabulously bohemian life. She was an artist, dancer, shaman and wildlife warrior, plus she played the role of creative muse to many fascinating people [including Salvador Dali , Tennessee Williams and Patti Smith] .

She lived in Paris in the 1950s and then divided her time between the Chelsea Hotel in New York; a 14th-century cottage in Positano, Italy; and her hometown of Melbourne.

Boho Leo … Vali Myers

She had her Sun and Mercury in Leo [trine Uranus] and her appearance was dramatic and unique, with her colourful gypsy clothes and jewellery, her intricate tattoos, and her flaming red Lion’s mane of hair. Her Moon was in Scorpio, which explains her intense emotions, deep passions and extreme approach to life.

“When you’ve lived like I have, you’ve done it all.” [Vali Myers]

I met Vali Myers in 1994, when I went to an exhibition of her paintings in Melbourne. She certainly didn’t disappoint. She was dressed like a bohemian queen; was a bundle of lively Leo energy; and [even at the age of 64] possessed a real child-like quality.

Vali was described by Ed Van Der Elsken as …

 “The most far out bohemian … inspiration and companion of artists, eggheads, tramps and travelers. Beautiful, way out, painted like a Papua, dressed like a gypsy, always in absolutely perfect taste.”

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