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Quick Comprehensive Guide to Gemstones in Vedic Astrology : astrology

At the outset, I wish to state that only 9 Gemstones are considered in Vedic (Sidereal) Astrology.

In the image below, you can see in which finger a particular gemstone in worn. However, if due to professional commitments, gemstone can’t be worn in finger, it can be worn in neck as in a locket as well.

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Gemstones and Fingers

Different Schools of Vedic Astrology follow different methods to prescribe gemstones. One astrologer might differ from other in issuing gemstones.

The Gemstone associated to each Planet is as under:-

S. No. Planet Gemstone
1 Sun Ruby
2 Moon Pearl
3 Mercury Emerald
4 Venus Diamond
5 Mars Red Coral
6 Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
7 Saturn Blue Sapphire
8 Rahu (Dragon’s Head) Hessonite
9 Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) Cat’s Eye

Various Schools of Vedic Astrology follow different theories to choose Metals in which gemstones should be studded. However, I will tell one of such methods.

Metals for:

  • Sun/Jupiter = Gold

  • Moon = Silver

  • Mars = Copper

If Sun or Jupiter is good in chart, gemstone can be worn in Gold.

If Sun/Jupiter are not good, but Moon is good, gemstone can be worn in Silver.

If Sun/Jupiter/Moon are all not good in chart and Mars is good, Gemstone can be worn in Copper.

If all of Sun, Jupiter, Moon and Mars do not give good results in chart, then Gemstones can be studded in alloy of five metals. Precious gemstones like Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Emerald etc. are studded only in Gold because of its strong gripping power so that gemstones are not lost during daily usage.

Some people get studded Blue Sapphire/Diamond in Silver too as it has decent grip, and Silver does not become dull after sometime. But studding precious gemstones in Copper or Alloy of Five metals is risky as Gemstone can slip from loose grip, and Copper becomes dull in appearance.

So, even if Mars is good in chart, do not stud Diamond/Blue Sapphire/Emerald etc. in Copper.

Get them studded in Gold/Silver only. Prescribing metal depends on schools of Astrology but nothing stops us from applying practical mind.

Pearl is not studded in Gold because if Moon is good in chart, silver automatically qualifies as a metal. Same with others.

Substitutes of gemstones or other stones like Amethyst, Zircan etc. do not have any astrological powers, so do not count them among the 9 gemstones. You can keep wearing them, as they at least do not harm.

Some schools of Astrology prescribe gemstones for specific period, some for lifetime and some for specific purpose. (e.g. Marriage). I believe wearing incorrect gemstone harms the native, so better to not wear any if unsure. Some gemstones may help in one field but harm in another aspect.

Finally, I do not believe in testing effect of gemstones by keeping them under pillow or in pocket. Whether they would suit or not is evident from birth chart. Some astrologers professing Vedic astrology recommend to testing suitability of gemstones this way before asking the native to wear them.

People who do not know their birth time or are unsure of correct birth time should NEVER wear any of 9 gemstones mentioned above even if it’s cheap.

Weight: Gemstone above 5 Carats can be worn. Diamond should be of minimum 30 cents. Person’s Weight is irrelevant.

A gemstone can be worn for any period of time of it is fine. It doesn’t expire or doesn’t need re-energization. Some schools/texts believe otherwise. Gemstone already worn by a person can be worn by other person provided the gemstone suits person who is to wear it.

Days on which gemstones should be worn:

Gemstone Weekday
Pearl Monday
Red Coral/Cat’s Eye Tuesday
Emerald Wednesday
Yellow Sapphire Thursday
Diamond Friday
Blue Sapphire/Hessonite Saturday

Questions welcome.

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