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This Teenager Had His Selfies Facetuned By A Follower Who Thought He Might Have A Class 3 Bite And What Happened Next Is Just Bizarre

This is Osvaldo Orta. He’s a 17-year-old from Miami, Florida who for the most part, has been minding his business and enjoying the internet like everybody else.

That was until one of his followers jumped in his DMs to make what he felt was an innocent and well intended suggestion by editing his photos.

Osvaldo, a junior in high school, told BuzzFeed News: “My first reaction was that I was super flattered that somebody took at least 15 minutes of their day to edit my pictures.”

And that somebody was Robert Bula, a 30-year-old from New York City who recently began an orthodontic procedure to correct his underbite, and in Osvaldo, he saw a person that could potentially benefit from similar treatment.


Robert told BuzzFeed News: “So I noticed that his chin had like a bulge, and I have been suffering from a condition for years. I have an underbite which basically means my upper jaw is smaller than my lower mandible.

“This year I started orthodontic treatment to later have surgery to correct it and it’s something that should’ve been corrected when I was younger to make it easier for the bones to be moved without surgery.”

And Robert went the extra mile by reaching out to Osvaldo to show him with he might look like if he were to undergo treatment, with a few Facetuned photos because why not?


He said: “I messaged him directly to see if indeed his issue was the camera he was using or something similar to my jaw problem. And he decided to post it which surprised me because I never meant it to be public, the next day I saw his post and it all blew up.”

To begin with, some people just found the entire thing hilarious.

@lilozzyvert can’t stress this enough but this the FUNNIEST shit I’ve seen on twitter these days

And some people decided to put forward their own interesting edits.

And some people found Robert’s actions to be a little bit offensive. Speaking on the incident, Osvaldo admitted that he initially didn’t think much of it, “but then as more people began commenting it, I did get a little nervous,” he said.

@lilozzyvert “I have this insecurity about my face so I’m heavily projecting it onto you…”

Robert clarified that his actions were not intended to be malicious and said that he had apologised to Osvaldo. He said: “What really hit me was some people saying really mean things and making assumptions about me and my intentions on the photo.”

@lilozzyvert I didn’t do it to drag you or anything like that, I just thought you were suffereing from either
1 distortion on your camera like I have while taking selfies
2 that you have an underbite malocclusion like I have
My apologies for my audacity

He explained: “I have been photoshopping photos since I was in high school back in 2005 and I fell in love with it. To practice I just use random photos but in his case I saw the similarities between us and I tried telling him to check if that’s the case.

“Just to make sure he doesn’t wait until too late to correct his bite, the class 3 bite can be corrected without surgery if attended early and that’s why I decided to show him how he would look instead. I have written back apologising and he’s written back saying it’s ok , but we didn’t discuss much.”

Osvaldo confirmed to BuzzFeed News that he does not have a class 3 bite and that he was happy to have his pictures edited. He described Robert as “super nice”, and added “I don’t mind that he edited my pictures.”

Interestingly enough, some people were into Robert’s edit…

@lilozzyvert @youlameasshoes Omg I have an underbite can he work this magic for me too????😭

And quickly started reaching out to him with their own Facetune requests for “tweaks with their pictures.”

Since the whole @lilozzyvert ordeal I’ve been getting Facetune requests, I have done many but I’m still working on the rest . Just give me some time

Robert, who has since changed his Twitter name to “Dr. Facetune”, said: “It’ll surprise you the people who will ask for edits. I don’t post their pictures, I just send it to them. But I’ve seen very handsome and beautiful people asking for tweaks, from both females and males. It says a lot on the state this society is in.

“Teenagers and young adults nowadays are looking to these tools to portray this image of perfection and success. And while editing photos I’ve gotten so exhausted that I’ve had to ask them to give me a break to ready.”

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