Much Adieu about Strategy – The Business Lifecycle

There are pages and pages of opinion and best practice “blah” about the Consumer Lifecycle and the communications plan required to address each stage of the consumer’s deliberations and decisions.

But how much attention do we pay to the “Business Lifecycle” from a communications perspective? Before we attempt to address the consumer lifecycle we need to have all our ducks in a row with the 7 stages of the business lifecycle [Business strategy -> Communications strategy -> Content strategy -> Touchpoint/Channel & Marketing strategy -> Acquisition strategy -> Retention strategy -> WOM & Engagement strategy] below.

business lifecycle strategy

In my humble opinion, if you don’t have these 7 stages right your communications to the consumer will be garbled. You need to start with clearly defining the business strategy and at each stage remembering that these will define your communications plans relative to the consumer’s lifecycle in evaluating your products.

Finally, factor in that your plan will touch the consumer at digital touchpoints e.g. search, social media etc and the specific considerations that come with digital.

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