Digital Transformation

Much Adieu about Strategy – The Business Lifecycle

There are pages and pages of opinion and best practice “blah” about the Consumer Lifecycle and the communications plan required to address each stage of the consumer’s deliberations and decisions. But how much attention do we pay to the “Business Lifecycle” from a communications perspective? Before we attempt to address the consumer lifecycle we need to have all our ducks …

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Just took the Econsultancy Digital Talent Challenge

I just took the Econsultancy Digital Talent challenge over here. Its a short two minute test to give you an objective view on how good your digital skills are. Its a clever little web based app and its fun! For the first time, the app gives marketers the opportunity to test their knowledge around digital marketing and benchmark their expertise …

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Digital Marketing Trends, Ideas & Good Practice

My latest deck of digital marketing trends and predictions. Focusing on Search, Social, Email and NFC. To download the deck Pay with a Tweet! Click Here to pay with a Tweet and be taken to download Digital Marketing Trends, Ideas & Good Practice from Zohe Mustafa

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Facebook Tells Marketers They Need to ReOrg! Can the Wheel be Reinvented?

Article first published as Facebook Tells Marketers They Need to ReOrg! Can the Wheel be Reinvented? on Technorati.

With the ever changing digital marketing landscape, companies are needing to adapt their digital vision and organisation structures on the fly. By the time a company completes it's re-org, new technologies, trends, tactics, strategies, touch points and capabilities will have emerged.

At the latest Facebook Marketing Conference, held at the Museum of Natural History in New York on Feb 29th, Facebook had the audacity, (AdAge’s words not mine) to tell the assembled marketers that they needed to reorganize around social. Facebook literally spelled out how to re-structure, even handing out proposed organization charts. Despite their boldness, Facebook does have a point: that most organizations' structure is not conducive to social media marketing or even digital marketing.

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