Your Wish Comes True & Intuition Awakens... ♉ Taurus Monthly Tarot Reading for MARCH 2020 ✨

Your Wish Comes True & Intuition Awakens… ♉ Taurus Monthly Tarot Reading for MARCH 2020 ✨

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Hi I’m Liz! Welcome to my YouTube channel 👩🏼‍💻 ✨

I help people to find connection and teach about the power of intuition. It’s my life purpose and what I LOVE to do…

I am the CEO & Founder of LIZ ROBERTA SPIRITUAL COACHING and I currently offer intuitive Tarot readings, 1 to 1 transformation coaching (3 month ‘Spiritual Success’ program & ‘VIP Power Hour’ options) and online courses.

I am so passionate about this work because it’s my soul purpose and my own life completely changed when I got into energetic alignment. Manifesting became easier than ever, I began to feel happier and more emotionally stable, and I could finally listen to my intuition because I had started living in a higher frequency.

Going through a spiritual awakening to get there wasn’t easy though – especially as I started to open up my psychic gifts (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance etc) – so I started going to psychic development classes and mediumship circles in Glastonbury. I learned a lot! I also have a background as a University lecturer in marketing, so I can coach soulpreneurs (aka heart centred entrepreneurs) on how to use social media to launch & grow a spiritual brand, attract ideal clients and avoid burnout. If you think I can help you on your journey, feel free to reach me by email at [email protected] 💌

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