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You Have Until Tomorrow To Make Sure Youre Enrolled To Vote

What you need to know:

– Labor leader Bill Shorten has attempted to clarify his remarks after coming under pressure for saying he had no plans to increase taxes on superannuation, despite the party’s proposed changes

– An anti-Adani convoy headed for Queensland has left Hobart

– The Treasury’s pre-election economic and fiscal outlook is out later

– Peter Dutton has apologised to his Dickson Labor opponent Ali France again

– Tomorrow is the deadline to make sure you’re enrolled and details are correct

– Shorten is in Western Australia today, Scott Morrison is in Tasmania

You’ve got until 8pm tomorrow to make sure everything is sorted. You can do it all here.

If you are an Australian citizen aged 18 or older you are required to vote in the federal election.

As the Australian Electoral Commission points out, around 50,000 Australians move house every week, so it is important to make sure the AEC has your correct details.

Now back to the business of the election campaign — Labor leader Bill Shorten had a bit of a rough day of it yesterday.

For example, asking an adult man if he’s enjoying the school holidays.

Bill Shorten asked this grown man if he was having a good school holidays. “It doesn’t affect me”, the man replies.

He was also repeatedly pushed at a press conference on why he was only speaking about health funding and not the party’s emissions target.

In a fiery exchange on the campaign trail in Boothby, @billshortenmp has avoided questioning on the cost Labor’s emission reduction target would have to the Australian economy.

MORE: https://t.co/XDlvROtOqW #kennyreport

His answer came on Wednesday morning in Western Australia.

Bill Shorten says his 45% emissions reduction will “cost the same” as Govt’s 26% because Labor will allow international carbon permits

The prime minister had a field day when Shorten declared that he had no plans to increase tax on superannuation, despite the party having a policy to bring in tens of millions of dollars by changes to super.

.@ScottMorrisonMP on superannuation: @billshortenmp wants to increase taxation on superannuation. There is $34 billion in increased taxes under Labor’s policy.

MORE: https://t.co/38ZIbsD8jk #livenow

“I have no idea what Bill Shorten was talking about today when he says he won’t be putting increased taxes on superannuation,” Scott Morrison said on Tuesday.

“That’s his policy. There’s $34 billion worth of increased taxes on superannuation in his own policy. He’s either lying about it today or he’s just forgotten the last person he hit with higher taxes.”

On Wednesday, Shorten admitted he should have given a better response.

“I thought I was being asked if there were unannounced changes to superannuation and we’ve already made the announcements of the changes we’re going to make,” he said. “But obviously we have changes which we outlined three years ago — I should have picked the words better, no question.”

And then there was the claim Labor had removed information on the party’s reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax from its campaign website.

Bill Shorten is left blindsided after Labor’s official campaign website deleted reams of information explaining his ­signature reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax, and reposted simplified ‘fact sheets’ with key details stripped out #auspol19 https://t.co/0rL36UkTpr

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen at a press conference tried to show the Liberal website wasn’t displaying properly either. Still up for debate whether it was a success.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says a part of the Liberal website is down, but as he shows it on his phone it *appears* to be loading a video….

All this back and forth rather stole the thunder from Labor’s attempts to bring attention to new analysis from the Grattan Institute, which claimed the government would need to cut $40 billion in spending to deliver its tax cut plans.

The only way the Liberals can pay for their tax handouts to the top end of town is by cutting schools and hospitals again. #auspol

TL;DR all sides rejected the others’ claims and maintained there was nothing to see here. Standard campaign behaviour.

And you can expect the economy to dominate proceedings again today, with the release of the pre-election fiscal outlook.

Elsewhere, George Christensen referred his travel arrangements to the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority following another report into his trips to the Philippines. He maintains he acted within the rules.

The Herald Sun reported the Nationals MP spent thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to subsidise trips from Canberra to others cities ahead of visiting the Philippines.

Exclusive: George Christensen spent more than $3000 of taxpayers’ money to subsidise his frequent private trips to the Philippines. Instead of going home from Canberra, he took five domestic flights to link up with his international jaunts https://t.co/qRfHx3U4Ek @theheraldsun

He’ll probably want to sort the RSS feed on his website.

When the auto name feed goes wrong – not sure these are the headlines George Christensen was hoping for his website #ausvotes19

Yesterday, Dickson candidates Peter Dutton and Ali France sat down for a radio interview and the home affairs minister once again apologised for his comments about France’s disability.

If you missed yesterday’s live panel from the seat of Dickson with @PeterDutton_MP and @alifrance5 you can catch the full interview here https://t.co/40XuaFb3I6 @SteveAustinABC

“I apologised for it the other day and I apologise for it now,” Dutton said on ABC Brisbane. “But we all make mistakes, I made a mistake, and I apologise.”

Dutton had previously accused France of “using her disability as an excuse” for not moving to the electorate.

Asked about last year’s leadership spill, Dutton said it was his judgement at the time that the Coalition was facing election defeat and they had to do whatever they could to stop Shorten becoming prime minister.

France meanwhile said she would owe nothing to the left-wing activist group GetUp if she was successful in the election, saying she had been campaigning in the seat for the last 12 months.

Conservative think tank the Institute of Public Affairs made its demands for the election. No real surprises here.

Sell the ABC, quit Paris, scrap the Fair Work Act… and hold a royal commission into the Bureau Of Meteorology. The IPA reveals its election plan: #ausvotes


An anti-Adani convoy led by former Greens leader Bob Brown is leaving Hobart today and making its way to Queensland.

Hobart turns out in force to farewell @BobBrownFndn Stop Adani Convoy. Feels very much like the start of something HUGE! #stopadani

The Nationals leader had this to say in Tasmania.

Michael McCormack just gave this quote in Forth, Tasmania:
“I’m only sorry I didn’t bring a pocket of nails today because with this soil I could have thrown them in the ground and grown crowbars. That’s the sort of potential that we’ve got here in Tasmania.”
#ausvotes #auspol

And the prime minister refused to eat a carrot.

PM is visiting a vegetable farm in Tasmania, in electorate of of Braddon. Asked if he’ll eat a carrot, says no.

There’s plenty more fun to come! Make sure you check back this afternoon for all the latest.

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