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Kia s HabaNiro everything car is the wackiest EV crossover

The HabaNiro, based on the Niro (get it? Haba Niro. Yeah.), is what Kia calls an “everything car” that’s both electric and built for level five autonomy. that sort of self-driving car is years (if not decades) away, but concept cars about the future and Kia is going all in with the HabaNiro while using its tried and true Niro platform.

The all-wheel-drive EV will have a range of over 300 miles. It has seating for five and because of its butterfly doors, it should be easier to get in and out of the bright red interior. Because future, there are no actual knobs or buttons inside. Instead, the dash acts as a touch screen while the windshield has a heads up display, or in autonomous mode, the whole thing will become a video screen so you can watch videos.

The SUV uses biometric scanning to start the car and setup your personal profile. It’ll also monitor your vitals to adjust the driving experience. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean it’ll offer you all the power when you’re angry.

Kia HabaNiro concept

So if you’re into puns, butterfly doors that go up and EVs, Kia’s got your back. But not really, it’s a concept car, you’ll never see this in your driveway which is kinda sad. Also, if we’ve learned anything from Tesla, wacky doors on a car regular people buy are not a good idea.

Like a Google Mini for the Car

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