Taurus Horoscope 2021 - Darkstar Astrology

Taurus Horoscope 2021 – Darkstar Astrology

It’s time for Taurus to shine in their career. Your Taurus horoscope 2021 reveals that the globetrotting focus has now dispersed. The two most important planets in terms of luck and long-term planning will now fall in your 10th house of career. So it’s time to put down to roots and remain in one place long enough for some real success. Taurus is not usually a sign of gallivanting around, but Uranus in your sign has made you a little more volatile and even a bit of a risk-taker. 2021 is the year to become the entrepreneur you always knew you were.

Saturn For Taurus in 2021 ~ Challenges & Opportunities

This is one of the most important transits of your life! Your karmic chickens come home to roost when Saturn activates your status zone. Being recognized as a leader is very likely to happen if that has been your lifelong aim. Everything you have been working towards, for the last 20-24 years is coming to a crescendo! The spectacle of the firework display you create, all depends on the quality of the ingredients and careful coordination. This is your big, oscar-winning moment….or not.

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Ok, if you are more of a backstage player, your ‘display’ might not rival the opening ceremony of the Olympics but it will still be recognized and rewarded more subtly. This is a crucial time in terms of respect for what you have achieved in your career thus far. It is not just about work achievements however, for this is also the house of motherhood.

So here parents could experience rewards by seeing a child graduate, marry, have a child or just blossom into a wonderful human being. At this time of harvest, it is immensely satisfying to see all the back-breaking work, nappy changing, sleepless nights, stressful deadlines were damn well worth it. It is a time to be proud and allow people to pat you on the back. You deserve it.

Jupiter For Taurus in 2021 ~ Growth & Luck

Time to bask in some glory for your Taurus horoscope 2021 as Jupiter throws the laurel of recognition onto your head. Your push to get up the career ladder puts your reputation under the spotlight. Your ambition brings the need to puff up all your best points to succeed. Jupiter’s inflating influence should help boost your credentials to the max.

Unless you have a really bloated and bombastic Jupiter already, this amping up of your status should not create any jealousy or resentment. Generally, this elevated position should manifest as promotion, a bonus or a pay rise. It’s not just about the money, of course, you could change your status through marriage also.

If you are looking for a new job in education, travel, the law or publishing, then go strong and hard with your applications. Be brave and pioneering, maybe applying in cities further afield than you would normally consider. Bold moves in terms of distance and status will be admired and could pay off unexpectedly. You might also be asked to travel in connection with your job or do more career-related long-distance travel than usual.

International clientèle will be more attracted to you also, even if you don’t set foot on an aeroplane this year. Whatever your line of business, it will not be easy to keep it local. There will be a push to expand your ‘shop’ to appeal to unexplored foreign markets. Putting the ‘shop’ onto the www is one way.

Mars ~ Action Periods

JANUARY 7 to MARCH 3 2021

This might be a period where you are quite insensitive to other people since your major focus is on your own needs. This is fine if you have been bowing down too much to other peoples demands. Now is the time to look at what you want and make plans involving only yourself. You are probably feeling extra zestful and potent, so if others around you can’t keep up, then you might have to decide to leave them be for now. It would be a shame to waste this very virile and vivacious energy by holding yourself back. This va va vroom period won’t last for long, so enjoy it while it lasts and you can rejoin the others later.

JUNE 11 to JULY 29 2021

Maintaining agreement with those you live with can be quite difficult at this time as you are much less willing to compromise than usual. You will certainly need some space from the rest of the household, so don’t let others enforce too much intimacy. If you find you need to go out more or barricade yourself inside your bedroom then do it. You are easily irritated at this time so respect your need to disconnect, or risk majorly offending a family member or flatmate. If you live alone, then you will enjoy making it your sanctuary. Put energy into your living space, by clearing out clutter and refreshing the décor.

OCTOBER 30 to DECEMBER 12 2021

Mars here can feel quite impotent when dealing with relationships and therefore over-compensate with arrogant chest-beating. If you come across one of these specimens, then you will have to try and be extra diplomatic. It all depends on how evolved your own Mars is, if you tend to go all passive-aggressive then this will infuriate your rivals even more. Take note that you could be dealing with quite a massive projection from yourself, so try to use this as an opportunity to heal your inner brat. Sulking could be the latest fashion from all corners, so try just to get on with business until the steam has fully expired from your partner’s ears.

Ceres ~ Magic & Healing

taurus 2021FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021

Ceres is in the zone of self-inflicted hibernation, so you are not dependent on relationships or drugs to feel whole. This is the ultimate dark moon phase, the threshold between life and death, and the womb. While Ceres is here, the veil thins between all dimensions. You will want to silence the noise of the modern world or you could become overwhelmed. In the quiet void then, you can receive the pure divine guidance of your higher self and not get interference from trickster sprites.

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021

With Ceres in your own sign, raging against the Pluto bully is a strong possibility. This transit gives one great courage to fight one’s oppressors. Your ability to prophecy is strong and your intuition is heightened at this time, but so is the danger of attracting unwanted demons! Take care to keep your psychic shield strong and fine-tune it so that you are connecting with your divine higher-self and not some trickster entity.


Learning to cook from scratch, and eating magical, seasonal foods will infuse your body with live, solar energy. These fruit and vegetables have been kissed by the Sun so you are taking in the light! Instead of negative Ceres craving fake bling, positive Ceres has you consuming produce that will have you sparkling, from within!

Artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Taurus woman Audrey Hepburn.

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