General Astrology February 10th 2020 - Sweeping Changes - Horoscope

General Astrology February 10th 2020 – Sweeping Changes – Horoscope

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 10 2020

The word is about, there’s something evolving,
Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving…
They say the next big thing is here,
That the revolution’s near,

But to me it seems quite clear
That’s it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

History Repeating – The Propellerheads Feat. Shirley Bassey

Venus in must-do Aries makes an alignment of revolution and reinvention when it aspects Ceres in Aquarius this week. Things must change especially if what comes around is something we have seen before – and perhaps recently at that. This is the power of the feminine and even Gaia being awakened. There could be an increased focus on the Extinction Rebellion or news emerges that calls even more of us to action. Or even making smaller changes on a personal level. What it also tells us is that we are all in this together. One shift we make on an individual level has a positive effect on the collective. As well as our own lives.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and this week shifts into Capricorn. We have just experienced the once in 500-year meeting between Saturn and Pluto in here. They are now moving apart and Saturn will have moved off into Aquarius next month. However, Mars’s transit through Capricorn will see it meet both Jupiter and then Pluto. This may re-deliver themes we saw emerge in January. Especially around those in power who do not want to let go of it or admit their time is up. This is the kind of history we may see repeat itself now. The revolution is near – watch what happens when Saturn reaches Aquarius – which it ruled in ancient times before the discovery of Uranus. For now, make a personal change and set your own personal revolution in motion – beautifully.

In a nutshell: Powerful but beautiful changes sweep in set to transform us. This isn’t a time to let history repeat itself but for us to write a new chapter. Know even the smallest change has a big impact now.


16 Feb 2020 MARS ENTERS CAPRICORN (Capricorn)


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