Double wishes! Love and healing ????❤️????Shining like a boss!! ???????? Leo Love Horoscope Tarot January 2020

Double wishes! Love and healing ????❤️????Shining like a boss!! ???????? Leo Love Horoscope Tarot January 2020

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Welcome to my channel, Tarot with the Universe. All readers are unique in their reading style, my Tarot interpretations are meant to be a guide toward your manifestations. Use these videos as advise to navigate through situations that resonate with you, with greater ease toward your wishes. Along with universal laws (like law of attraction), and the energy of cosmic alignments we can make the most of a direct path toward our desires.

The magic of life is all around you badass creating. Allow the unfolding. Relax, you’re gettin in the way boo. It’s ok, I still love you. Just how you are. All of you.

You can help activate the energies in your favor by remaining grateful and giving when you can be. Giving can be a simple as a smile, or a sincere compliment. Be kind to yourself. You’re doing great!

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Cross-watchers: I do not advocate cross watching for my tarot interpretations. Again, all Tarot readers are unique in their style. This applies to my Tarot reads only. If you are interested in knowing more about your and the person you’re thinking of while viewing situation, I recommend watching your own Sun, Moon, and Rising Zodiac sign videos for the most accurate insight.

View your own Venus horoscope placement video for love situations. Venus rules relationships, beauty, enjoyment, luxury, and intimacy.

If you are seeking divine feminine energy as a partner, watch the sign containing your own Venus horoscope placement.

If you are seeking divine masculine energy as a love partner watch your own Mars and Jupiter horoscope placements.

Please know this reading will not resonate with everyone, although I am confident there will be something there for you since you are drawn to watch it. Please leave a comment to let me know how it resonated with your situation. If not, this particular reading wasn’t for you. I will hopefully catch your energy on a future reading. It would be impossible to tap into every single person’s energy in each degree of your particular Zodiac sign. Please understand there are no refunds for extended contributions, or donations. I hope you find something on my channel that serves you. Thank you so much for viewing.

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Uploads to this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any decisions made, or actions taken by the viewer (you) as a result of viewing this general, non specific video upload are the sole responsibility of the viewer (you).

I offer in person consultations in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV.
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*18 and over only. I sometimes say bad words and misspell stuff. I’m new to YouTube, thank you for being patient with me while I learn.
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