A Note from Susan Miller — February 2020

A Note from Susan Miller — April 2020

Dear Reader:

Only a month ago, we were all living normal lives, seeing friends, booking dinner reservations in favorite restaurants, traveling to nearby cities. Then, in the blink of an eye, the world turned inside out and upside down when it was clear that the pandemic was hitting hard.

We learned to stay home almost all the time, to keep our social distance when we go out to the grocery store, and to wear masks and latex gloves. We wash our hands over and over, we scrub our house keys, and wipe down our smart phones and keyboards. The coronavirus was upon us. We stay glued to the TV for every news report and realize that we are all connected in a way we had never been before. My early morning trip to the supermarket and to the ATM remain the high points of my week.

We watch while feeling helpless at the exhaustion of the health care professionals and their lack of needed supplies. We thank them, and thank our grocers, postal workers, bankers, Uber and taxi drivers, train and bus drivers, UPS, FedEx, and DHL delivery men—and are grateful as they each contribute a semblance of normalcy to a life that is anything but normal. We all know people who are currently ill, and I pray for them and the many others who suffer so much.

If you have not read my short essay 2020 Coronavirus Outlook found on the homepage of my website Astrologyzone.com, you might want to do so. It will give you the timeline of the virus and why I feel the way I do. This essay is also on the premium version of my app, “Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone + More” by Susan Miller, an in-app purchase once you have the free version. Go to Go Shopping to subscribe for $4.99 a month, and auto-renewal can be ended once the month is over. Once you have the premium version go to Life, Love + More on the menu, and then to Susan’s Essays.

We need a little fun. I am no stranger to crises, for I’ve had many long stays in hospitals. My mother showed me that to get through a crisis, always focus on the future. When I was 14, I spent 11 months in the hospital and was going through multiple surgeries and grueling physical therapy. She would talk about the new shoes I would buy and pretty dresses I would have in my closet. She would talk about the places I would visit and the friends I would have in my life. All that she predicted came true. She gave me the courage to be able to walk again.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (both are @astrologyzone), you know I was in China for two weeks in December, in Beijing, only 100 miles from Wuhan. No one knew yet about the coronavirus—that would come out two weeks after I returned home. I am sure I had the virus already, but it was over in two days, so I was lucky.

I was talking with my friends at Rue La La, saying we all need to focus on the future and muse about all the fun things we could look forward to doing. My friends Taryn and Elizabeth at Rue La La had a great idea.

Rue La La asked me if I would like to match the very latest fashion runway styles for both men and women to each zodiac sign. Wow, yes. A few days later, they drew up a list of new fashion styles that had just appeared in New York, London, Milan, and other runways for men and women. I enjoy doing research, so I also looked at Vogue,EsquireGQHarper’s Bazaar, and other fashion-forward sites online and added several trends to their list. I aimed to write a fresh, modern personality description of each sign, and then suggested which of the newest runway styles would appeal to each zodiac sign, suggestions for both women and men, with 24 fashion encapsulations in all.

In a way, what I sent to Rue La La at the start of March was a fashion map for each sign. I was thrilled how carefully the executives of Rue La La followed my suggestions. It was a massive job on their end, and I can’t imagine how they ever came up with 1,200 beautiful items at great prices to delight you. They included some items for men and lots of accessories and even shoes for women. I was amazed how perfectly they matched product to my words.

If you are not familiar with RueLaLa.com, this company offers beautiful, big label brands at below retail prices (the original price is crossed out and their price is clearly noted, along with the name of the label, so you can see how much you save). They have everything from pretty little sundresses to high priced designer handbags for us girls, and cool Cuban shirts and messenger bags for guys. There is something for everyone, prices that range from very low to expensive investment pieces—and always lower than you’d normally pay.

I can’t show you my Rue La La Susan Miller collaboration just yet, as the smart people at Rue La La want to debut on April 3, right before the best day of the month when Jupiter and Pluto will conjoin, April 4. You will have to look quickly as it is set only to run one month, a little bit over a month, or while supplies last. As said, you will see 1,200 amazing items, 100 per sign, so check your Sun sign first, your rising sign next, and then your moon sign.

In the meantime, watch my Instagram, Twitter (both @astrologyZone) and Facebook (Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone) social media for the announcement, and also @Ruelala on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for news about my collaboration as it comes out. I love that the selections are all fashion forward, emphasizing styles that are just emerging because appropriately, astrology is all about the future.

You will want to be among the first to see the array of clothes and accessories Rue La La offers so you can snap up your favorites before others do. We are all staying home for safety, but we can plan ahead and do a morale-boosting wardrobe refresh for when we can go out and celebrate. That may be a while, but I am picking up a few new things for spring and summer just in case. The items at Rue La La are too chic and attractively priced to pass up. Besides, I am doing so many video conferences lately, and I always dress up for those—I bet you do, too. Venus will retrograde May 12 to June 24, so I explained to Rue La La that we had to shop before May 12 to be sure we loved our purchases, another reason we are debuting the site April 3.

We live in stressful times, don’t we? In my April forecast, I wanted to give you lots of ideas of things you could do, plus a big dollop of inspiration. Let me know how I did!


Susan Miller

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