sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts

Millennials Gen Zs will sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts

Will someone sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts. ‘’I’d rather just have the money” – Think again if you were planning to gift your heirlooms this Christmas

Millennials and Gen Zs will sell sentimental, second-hand Christmas gifts that they receive from relatives, according to a new survey of 2,000 young people (18-35). The only things they would keep are small, expensive pieces like jewellery and diamonds.

The survey, ran by jewellers Hancocks, found that Millennials and Gen Z are turning down certain gifted sentimental items from relatives, choosing instead to donate them to charity (26.05%) or sell them (50.12%).

68% of Millennials and Generation Z only want jewellery or watches gifted to them. This is compared to only 32% who would want treasured family photo albums, 9% who would keep letters or diaries and a tiny 7% who would like to receive a relative’s wedding dress. So who will sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts?

sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts

Selling treasured items

Dividing up treasured items between family members was often a cause for arguments as is if they sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts. The question of who gets treasured family heirlooms as children get older used to be a hotly debated topic, but now it seems younger generations don’t want the majority if second-hand items at all. 

These survey results come just before Christmas and could be seen as a warning to parents or grandparents who are thinking of gifting their cherished possessions to their children or grandchildren this Christmas.

Jewellery stands the test of time

However, the one item that did stand out as coveted by younger generations was jewellery – particularly engagement rings and wedding bands. These small, yet sentimental items are easy to store and can have great monetary value, often increasing – meaning they make perfect investments for younger generations.

Altered and amended jewellery has also grown in popularity, with Hancocks seeing an increase in people looking to add their own twist on their inherited ring over the past few years.

Sarah Heib at Hancocks Jewellers, said:

“The results of this survey are in line with what we predicted. Everywhere in the world, jewellery represents an important aspect of someone’s life, be it engagement rings or wedding bands, legacy pieces that have been in the family for generations or pieces gifted after the birth of a child.

“As it’s now easy to get these pieces customised for the tastes of a new generation, it’s no surprise that Millennials and Gen Z would choose to keep high-end pieces of jewellery from their older relatives, and choose to discard other traditional items and sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts.”

Should you invest in a jewellery heirloom?

Both new and old jewellery can be a fantastic gift for the loved one in your life so you can sell sentimental second-hand Christmas gifts, passed from parents to grown children as people start their own families and become inheritance pieces for future generations to cherish.

As the results show, changing tastes and lifestyles are reflective in attitudes to heirlooms. The one exception to this is quality pieces of jewellery, that can stay in the family for generations and represent lasting ties.

Survey Results

Which of the following ‘heirlooms’ would you be most interested in having gifted to you at Christmas?

  • Wedding Dress – 7.59%
  • Furniture – 0.73%
  • Jewellery or watch – 68.41%
  • Letters/Diaries – 9.58%
  • Old Photos – 32.12%
  • China/Ornaments – 3.45%

What would you do with an sentimental Christmas gift you didn’t want?

  • Keep it – 23.83%
  • Sell it – 50.12%
  • Donate it to charity – 26.05%

Hancocks produce the very finest hand-crafted jewellery available in the UK. Internationally recognised as one of the leading authorities in the world of diamonds and precious gemstones. Hancocks are Manchester’s oldest fine jewellers, their origins began in the city in 1860 when Josiah Hancock of Manchester, who plied his trade as a clock winder, opened a store in Piccadilly. As his business grew he moved to 29 King Street, where the store is still occupied by Hancocks today.

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