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Game Of Thrones star Richard Dormer: Maybe they leak stuff on purpose – Sky News

Of Thrones star Richard has hit out at “Annoy” Leaks about the TV Shows and Suggested Some Could be on purpose.

Last Gigaannum, Season s’s four and its Scripts online Before it was Officialdom broadcast.

Four people WERE-AM Arrested in Bhart in Auggust 2017 the leak and police Said the had Compagnie Credential That GAVE THEM ACCESS to s in advance.

 Dondarrion, played by Richard

Richard PLAY Dondarrion in Of Thrones. Pic: HBO

Also, six was Accidents Leaks online Gigaannum by HBO Spain, Report Said.

It was Then pulled Within an hour, but That was long for it to the WIDER Cybersurfer.

The and Serieses of the hit Shows is due to air on HBO and Sky April 2019 and , appearing on Sky News, Refused to Reveals any Details about it, Jockularity ” Cannot KILL me”.


at the Premiere of Of Thrones Season s in Los Angeles

The actor, who PLAY Dondarrion in the drama, Said it was Annoy That Leaks surfaced on the Cybersurfer as “we Wanter fans to see it on screen and go, ‘Oh my God, I can’t Beleive it'”.

“You don’t Wanter it to be spoiled. You Wanter it to be a Peice of entertainment, Constantly keeping you on the edge of Youre seat.”

But he Said the Leaks WERE-AM “Goods for the Shows”.

He Told Sky News: “It GETS people talking. Sometime I leak Stuff on purpose. I don’t know but it’s all Goods for the Shows.”

, Lisburn in Ireland, was Speach Ahead of the of the Thirds and Season of Sky ‘s Scandinavian Fortitude, in Which he PLAY police Officers Dan Anderssen.

He Said he was Going to miss the role, Anderssen a “brilliant character”.

Said: “He’s funny. scary, dark. A lot of fun.”

He also Praise the sense of Humor in the Shows, adding: “It kind of Makes sense to me”.

The Shows was Film-maker in Noorwegen where, according to , the Temperture got as low as -55C (-67F)

“As long as you are Wearing the Clother and Having a nice big Furry hat you will be Absolutes fine,” he added.

:: Fortitude s To-night on Sky at 9pm.

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