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2 hours ago

Beauty Studio

Take a moment out of your day to check out this incredible makeup illusionist! ?

BY Mirjana Kika Milosevic
IG: bit.ly/2GkzBHC
YT: bit.ly/2fYsBSD
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Waw amazing😍

She is so awesome

Stacia Alvarado



Corrado Lobello

Nimrah Abbas

Mia Priest I no u like this kind of thing


Nayeli Cruz Macias estos era los vídeos que te decía

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4 hours ago

Beauty Studio

7 hacks that all hijab and headscarf wearers need to try!

While we know not everyone wears hijabs or headscarves, these hacks are meant to help those who wear them, so please be respectful in the comments.
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These are so fun. It’s almost relieving to see some content that is inclusive. 🙏🏼 I have only worn a hijab with practicing friends a couple of times, but so respect and love them. Great post.

thank you for these hijab styling although you can show a better styling next time

Hijab are so beautiful.

She looks beautiful. Ive always thought this looks so tidy and elegant 💝💝😊

I think these are beautiful 💜. It’s fun to see the different ways to wear them

It's kind of you to cover hijabs. Thank you for reaching out to women.

She's gorgeous!

Yes!!! I love this! I don’t wear one but I respect anyone who does. Very interesting to watch.

Very good idea ❤️😍

I saw a woman at Heathrow recently wearing this gorgeous hijaab, and I complimented it, she lit up don't think anyone had ever complimented it

I'm so happy more people respect hijap..i wish all people would be so nice

I don't like the look that the loofah creates, I think it looks prettier smooth underneath, but I like the way they're showing how you can create a unique look for hijabs. I always think these are so beautiful when I see women wearing them.

So pretty! It's cool how they bring in another model for some of the hacks!

Shes beautiful ❤

I find it funny that these people keep bring up race, I thought it is a religion. oh we can hate something and express our feelings about it. Just like they can put this oppressive style on here

Look were trying to get them to back To there Country, don't try and teach Others how to wear there head gear !

amazing 😉 thanks that was useful

I'm so sick or. This video

Those who do this are prevented from entering Paradise, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said


I love how the people dont try to get her to show her hair, instead they bring in another model who is comfortable with it to do the hack

Very pretty

Done with this page...

Finally! Some style that’s actually useful to me 💕

😍 😍 Beautiful

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9 hours ago

Beauty Studio

She is stunning and wears her acne proudly!!!?

By Makeupnad
IG: bit.ly/2wcpe5h
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She looks like her

Mantasha Zarnain


What the hell is this ?


& what to do with all the bacteria under the Make up?

What does the Ice do

Iva Miocinovic daj vidi ovu😂ova kao da se bori sa mozgom, a ne sa aknama😂

Motaz Ramadan bus 3shab tekhfe el hebub w tkhale weshaha a7mr bt3ml eh 😂😂 Na banzlk be tba3ty w weshy byb2a ahmr bardu 😂😂😂

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10 hours ago

Beauty Studio

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Very nice

Does it go for ever?

Rwaan Roro

Alexis Bishop she pulling the wrong way 🗣🗣🗣

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11 hours ago

Beauty Studio

You've never seen your eyelashes like THIS before?

By @TinaYong
IG: bit.ly/31FzHnE
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Rwaan Roro

Salwa Hassan

Elizabeth Barton

This low key looks gross. I’m sorry

I want this

Nuqrah Naeem🤢🤢🤮

<<< inbox me if you want your simpson style portrait

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