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What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde 2020: Business & Personal | ElsaElsa

Saturn glossySaturn will turn retrograde in Aquarius on Monday, May 11th.  The planet will reenter Capricorn on July 2nd.  At this point, you can’t really isolate it’s effect. It will meet Jupiter and Pluto in the sign. This situation will be sustained for the rest of the year!  The impact will be profound.

Taken alone, Saturn in Capricorn is a positive force. The planet is strong in it’s own sign. Good boundaries.  Things get sorted out and put right.

I’m not suggesting this is fun or enjoyable. “Karma” is not always pleasant, but it can be understood.  It describes the kind of thing that comes around and you know you deserve it?  The effects of this transit will be altered by the involvement of Jupiter and Pluto.

Jupiter expands things and as you can see, we are currently in a worldwide pandemic which includes FEAR (Capricorn).  Point here, is whatever comes of this, it will travel, because that’s what Jupiter does.

Pluto kills, among other things.  Specifically, I have always seen Pluto in Capricorn to be a business killer.  You can click the tags, I’ve written about this for more than a decade. Spin it in any direction you like. For example, people say, they dying businesses are outworn or old-fashioned. It’s not going to make this less painful and in many cases, the businesses suffer through no fault of their own.

The pain will be widespread but not evenly applied. I’ll link to an earlier post below, that offers details and guidance for Earth signs, in particular, who stand to fare quite well.  We’re near enough to this, there are clear indications of industries that will be devastated…

An easy example, Jupiter rules air travel.  Has it not been severely curtailed? Warren Buffett, who has Saturn in Capricorn, sold his all his stock in airlines. That’s an obvious example, but then comes the attached businesses, car rental agencies, hotels, Airbnb is laying off people in droves.  You can extrapolate out from there.

Maybe you’re in a less-affected business. It won’t help you if your customer is broke.  It’s going to be a grind. A hardship, worldwide.  Add to this the Uranus in Taurus – Reversal Of Fortune situation. You’ve kind of got to be ready for anything.

To fare well, embrace Saturn in Capricorn principles. They’re simple.

Face your fear. Do the right thing. Keep your commitments if at all possible. Support others if you’re in a position to do so. Don’t lie, steal, cheat… control yourself.

You can also be kind.  The last thing a person in the midst of you a painful struggle needs is for someone to come along and kick them. People think it won’t happen to them, often right before it does!

More here:

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These might also help. Check the house in your chart that will be impacted:

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This post is specific for Aries/Libra.

That’s it. Good luck, all!  See ya on the other side!


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