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Venus Exalted in Pisces: Love Is Blind

cupid psycheLove is good and love is kind

Love is drunk and love is blind

Love good and love is mine

Love is drunk all the time

-Smashing Pumpkins, Shame

Venus enters Pisces today, which is the sign of its exaltation. In other words, this is Venus’s very favorite place to be. When Venus is in Pisces, the walls come down, the boundaries crumble, and love just flows and flows. The thing is, there’s really no control over where it flows. When Venus is in Pisces, love truly is blind.

This reminds me of the story of Eros and Psyche. Eros, the God of Love, scratches himself with his own arrow and falls head over heels for Psyche, a mortal woman. He erects for her a beautiful palace of ephemeral dreams, with glittering gemstone floors, soaring marble columns, and babbling fountains and fragrant gardens galore. Every day Psyche feasts on sweetmeats and honey, explores the grounds, and lies languidly listening to music sweeter than any mortal has ever known. And every night Eros comes to her and they make love. Everything is perfect. With one small exception:

She can never look at him.

Eventually Psyche’s imagination runs away with her, thanks in no small part to her jealous, vindictive sisters. They convince her that Eros is actually a horrible beast, and that she absolutely must shine a light upon his face and see for herself. And that is exactly what she does. One night, when Eros is sleeping, Psyche gets her lantern and illuminates his face, finally gazing upon the one who has shared her bed all this time. She is overwhelmed by his beauty and bends down to kiss him. When she does this, though, a bit of oil from her lamp falls upon him. He wakes with a cry and, realizing the betrayal, flees from her. The walls of her beautiful palace dissolve, and she is left alone and bereft. While the story does eventually end happily, both Eros and Psyche are forced to undergo untold pain and trials before they ever reunite.

This is a Venus in Pisces story if there ever was one. They enjoyed such incredible love and beauty, but it could only exist as long as they were willfully blind. The moment their love saw the cold light of day, the splendor faded and their joy crumbled. Compare this to couples who create a great love entirely online, and when they meet, the sparks simply never arrive. Or the lover who pines after the object of their affections only to be sorely disappointed when the flesh and blood human can’t live up to the shining image they’ve created in their mind. Or even the simple process all relationships go through as the initial thrill begins to fade and the couple is forced to reckon with the every mundanity of life. It’s hard to keep the romance alive through snoring, dirty socks, and unpaid bills.

But at the same time, Eros and Psyche do find their way. They face harsh reality head-on, and are rewarded with a love that lasts for eternity. It’s not the sweet, innocent, dreamy love they started with, that much is certain. But it is a love that can weather the trials of time. And that is all we can really ask for. And perhaps that love couldn’t have existed without the Piscean love that came before. Maybe they needed that impossibly perfect period of bonding before they could truly create something lasting. Maybe sometimes love needs a little blindness.

Do you have a Venus is Pisces story? Tell us!

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