Pisces 2020 solar return

Pisces 2020 Birthday – Solar Return

Pisces 2020 solar returnI am seeing a lot of Pisces solar returns that look like this. Specifically, ALL the planets (and lights) are bunched together. The exception occurs when the fast moving moon is *not* in one of the featured signs.

I expect this to be a really interesting year for the sign, with all the action focused in such a narrow area.  I have seen a number of charts with every planet beneath the horizon, like the chart pictured. I’ve seen the opposite too, of course.  Pisces is going to be a bit stuck this (birthday) year. Not that they won’t benefit.

Also note, Venus and Saturn are in their home signs and Mars is in exaltation.

I think this is something to pay attention to – Solar Return Report. It’s not a usual situation.

Are you a Pisces? What’s up with your solar return chart?



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