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Natal Saturn in Libra

When natal Saturn is in Libra, the balanced Autumn sign becomes a great receptor of the ringed planet – allowing him to function well and to prosper. Libra is the sign where Saturn is exalted, and feels free to radiate his softest sides that gently push for progress instead of making him a harsh teacher. Libra as a sign is all about calmness, diplomacy and merging, while Saturn is the planet of seriousness and organization. These otherwise different characteristics manage to blend in a great way when such a celestial combination occurs – Saturn is not the easiest planet to function in most surroundings.
Libra is the sign opposite of Aries, in which the planet of Saturn is in detriment, as he cannot combine well with the hasty and overly-active attitude of the fiery sign. Yet, Saturn in Libra finds a pleasant place, where his nice and most benevolent characteristics can blossom through the stereotypes that Venus – Libra’s ruling planet – can implement.
Additional information about Saturn’s potency in each sign can be read in the article Saturn’s Essential Dignities.

Saturn is considered to be a social planet, along with Jupiter – its archetypal opposite force. While the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) directly affect the characters of each individual, social planets are giving trends that encircle the whole society. The reason is simple; the personal planets are performing a rather quick passage through the signs, which usually lasts a couple of months maximum. Yet, the social planets will need a year or more to pass through a sign; this way they grant similar characteristics to all the people being born during that period. More particularly, Saturn needs around two and a half years to travel through a sign of the zodiac, while its counterpart Jupiter needs a little more than a year. This blend defines a yearly generation; which is rather visible during the first years of a native’s life. During the childhood years, the placement of Saturn determines discipline delivered to the native, while also how it is perceived. As Saturn makes a full turn around the zodiac in approximately 29 years, it needs 14 years to make an opposition to its natal placement. This is roughly when the teen years strike, bringing the first responsibilities and the need to abolish naivety, slowly entering the world of the grown-ups. The joy of childhood is evaporating, father time is bringing the first signs of wisdom and not just knowledge, yet also the first adult problems, pressure and turbulence. The adolescent native is now feeling demands from the world around him, which is naturally not the most desired thing for a youngster. Of course all these steps are a natural process of evolution, preparing the native for his long path through life.

The placement of Saturn in the signs is important, yet a lot less than his placement in the houses and his aspects to other planets (especially personal ones). Each sign will give him some special flavor, a background on which he will operate and support the native’s life. Of course, he will indeed give some special characteristics connected to the sign he is placed in, and some extra boost to activities and archetypes that the sign represents. Yet, it is wrong to perceive any such placement as of high importance for the native’s individual traits; you should regard it mostly as a social phenomenon that develops certain social trends. Do not forget that generations of 2,5 years difference may have Saturn in the same sign, so even in synastries between charts the Saturn of two individuals of the same generation can easily conjunct (tightly or loosely) one each other.

Roughly, some of the periods when Saturn was transiting Leo are the following:

  • November 1950 – October 1953
  • September 1980 – August 1983
  • October 2009 – October 2012
  • The next passage through Libra will be from September 2039 to July 2042

Saturn is generally governing constriction, stability and seriousness – both on a physical and a spiritual level. He is responsible for long-term plans, while also obstacles that may appear on our way until reaching our goals. We tend to call him the grand malefic of the celestial dome, yet the planet itself does not have such a purpose. Indeed, he can bring delays, difficulties and even disappointments; on the other hand all these can be essential steps for reaching wisdom, experience and preparation for further steps on our path that might be more important. On the other hand, any success that we may receive with Saturn’s help, tends to be long-lasting; a stable platform on which we can build even more. It is not a surprise that on a physical level, Saturn is mostly connected with the human bones and teeth – the thickest and toughest parts of our body. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th house and Capricorn, which makes him strongly connected with terms such as career, public image, leadership, steady growth inside social pyramids, reign. Saturn as a planet enjoys organization and planning-ahead, keeping up with deadlines, serious approaches and even voluntary sacrifice of small daily things in front of the long-term goals. In case that those prerequisites are delivered, he helps with a good harvest of results. What Saturn does not like is childish and naive behavior, rushed actions, chaotic patterns and laziness. A real tactician, Saturn will always help those who think before acting, and who try to figure out the optimal decisions. He is logic, he is patience, he is clear mind, he is control. In many occasions, Saturnian interventions can be perceived by the individual as “necessary evil”, as his slap might hurt but in the same time prevent us from the real evil which would come in case we would not be shaken up.

Since the ancient times, the second bigger planet of our solar system took the name of the Cronus, the legendary Titan-God who was father to 6 other Gods of the Greek Pantheon (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia). According to the Greek Mythology, he is afraid of his children becoming stronger than him and overthrowing him, the same way he did to his own father, Uranus. Thus, he decided to devour them – yet his wife Rhea hid the last child (Zeus/Jupiter) in a cave and gave him a rock to devour instead. Zeus managed to overthrow him when he became an adult, releasing his five siblings from Cronus’ stomach too. Eventually, Cronus and the rest of the Titans were defeated in a legendary battle, called Titanomachia, and the young gods became the rulers of the Greek Pantheon. The Latin equivalent of Cronus was Saturn, and it prevailed as the name of the ringed planet both in astronomy and astrology. Saturn’s opposite counterpart in astrology is naturally Jupiter, and they form the Jupiter/Saturn axis as another archetypal Yin/Yang. The one expands, the other constricts – and the balance between those opposite forces is giving a healthy stability.

Natal Saturn in Libra usually creates a person who enjoys (and seeks) long term harmony and balance between them and their partners. Their diplomatic skills are very beneficial when it comes to the big picture of an important personal relation; they perceive such a bond seriously and with a lot of respect. As an outcome, this planetary placement tends to give long-lasting harmony between the two opposite sides, granting more and more prosperity as time passes. Saturn is known for his slow pattern of presenting his gifts. It may take time to sow the seeds of success, it needs dedication and care; but harvesting the results will be a stable procedure afterwards. The gifts of Saturn last longer than the gifts of benefic planets such as Jupiter, and one can count on them as a rather stable part of his reality.

Libra Saturn may prompt the individual to delay any possible marriage, and not rush into hasty decisions during his young age. Saturn prefers such a commitment to be based on logic rather than impulsive decisions, and expects it to be enduring even for a whole lifetime. In addition, people with this placement will frequently choose a spouse that is serious and hard-working, while also older than them in many cases. Cooperation between the couple is a key-point; in many occasions they are not only married but also partners in business. Also, such a marriage can be karmic, especially if Saturn has strong karmic aspects in the synastry chart between the two individuals.

Natal Saturn in Libra can grant good relationships with people of older generations, or even signify that positive archetypes come from the side of the individual’s grandparents. As Saturn is considered a karmic planet, even his placement in this sign may be a result of positive karma gathered from supposed previous incarnations. In any case, involvement with people of an older age during this life will further empower any positive traits that are indicated by the house placement of the planet, and life can reward the individual especially in his own old age for the care that he grants elders.

Justice and fairness are two important characteristics that a Libra Saturn person develops from the beginning of his life. As a child, such a person is easily automatically chosen by other children as an arbitrator or judge in case of quarrels, or during games. Thus, people from these generations may collectively change the law system, or impose more fair moral patterns to the society when the time comes for them to enter ruling positions. People who have their Libra Saturn in the 9th or 10th house can especially become important role model figures for such changes, and usually enter such career paths.

As a Libra Saturn person gets older, they may find themselves more and more interested in the arts, and even get involved in producing some. This placement gives more probabilities for a pensioner to spend his old years creatively, constructing Venusian-type objects, than surrendering themselves to passive attitudes that usually come with this age.

Generalizing is the only way that we can describe a natal placement of slow-moving planet, and it gets even more difficult as we move further from the Sun towards the outer planets. Pluto, for example, can even define a whole generation of 25 years, so it would be even absurd to try to fit one third of the world’s population into some stereotype. At the same time, as Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house in Astrology, Saturn in Libra could for many individuals give similar characteristics as would give Saturn in the 7th house. Still, it is mostly the flavor of this aspect that would have similarities, and not events or predispositions themselves.

Libra as a sign is ruling our kidneys, skin, lower back and buttocks. In case that Saturn is adversely aspected by other planets, health issues and complications can arise concerning the body areas that Libra rules. Yet, if we compare this natal placement to most other Saturn placements, there are less possibilities for this to happen – or alternatively such issues will be of a mild nature. Of course, such an individual should always keep an eye on these body parts more than others.

When a Libra Saturn is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be in the long-term successful in the life area that the sign of Libra rules, and any possible obstacles will just empower his march to his goal. On the contrary, bad aspects to Saturn can bring complications, and may be even connected to karmic debts that the native has to pay, as Saturn is considered a planet who connects cosmic energies from the past and the future, and even from previous and future lifetimes. In any case, Saturnian difficulties should be perceived as lessons, and the more open someone is to understand those lessons, the less they might hurt.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator.
Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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