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desperate manI have this pet stock now.  Seriously, I’ve gone as far as giving it a baby-name. Something idiotic like “Baby Pufficans”.

I bought the stock after a client mentioned during a consultation. It was pretty random.

It did not take long for the stock to drop roughly 70%. I held my shares and bought more.  I also told a few friends about this stock, which is something I have never done before in my life.

One of my friends took my advice. She’s made roughly 70% in the last month or, as the stock turned around. Personally, I’m in the green now, post this vomit-ride. I intend to hold my shares for several years, anyway.

I watch this baby of mine, closely, for this reason: I love this stock! It’s dramatic moves are part of my life entertainment. What is my little baby doing today?

Today, the stock is down dramatically, which is something I’ve seen many times. Yet again, we’re in IRRATIONAL MODE.

“Irrational mode” exists in life. I see this all the time in relationships; something else I am profoundly interested in.  A person goes off on someone or spins off on some theory that was flawed from the start.  We’ve all done it!

Today, I’m thinking of the high value of realizing that you (or others) are in IRRATIONAL MODE.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you, hey!  You’re losin’ it here.

This seems to good time to consider this, with Mercury retrograde, part of a stellium in Pisces.

Are you aware that you have an IRRATIONAL MODE? Do you have someone who can tell you, hey!  Stop!


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