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Mars in PiscesMars will ingress into Pisces this week.  I’ve already voiced my concern about retrograde Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces over the next weeks: Warning – Love & Money Deception.

I don’t want to make people feel paranoid but there are some things I want to say about Mars in Pisces that may not be popular.

First, Mars is deliberate by it’s nature.  None of this, “Oops! Slipped on a banana peel and screwed your husband!” You can pretend that is how something like that happened. You may even convince yourself of it but it does not change the fact that at some point, there was a deliberate act – MARS.

I am not meaning to dog, Mars in Pisces. But Mars in Pisces does a lot more than just try to be sensitive and wonderful. For example, it’s misleading. Deliberately!  And I have an example of this…

Mars in Pisces is insanely seductive. I was sitting in a bar one time, out hunting love with my personal Mars in Libra. A man with Mars in Pisces sat next to me. He started chatting me up.

He also started blowing on me, on my neck, sort of. He was so subtle, I couldn’t be sure if was him or the ceiling fan, rotating slowly, way above our heads. I was transfixed.

I married this man, as a matter of fact. But I hope you get my point.  Mars in Pisces is up to something, just like any other Mars in the zodiac. It WANTS something.  And Mars is concerned with “ME” not “WE”.

I expect a lot of trickery to take place over these next weeks.  Again, you don’t have to be paranoid, but do keep in mind, the duality of Pisces (and Gemini), because there are going to be hijinks of kinds.

The man in the bar was not malicious. He provided me with a thrilling experience, which I appreciated, greatly.  But he had an agenda. He was out to conquer. I was his prey on the evening in question.

See how easy it is to lose sight of this?  It’s like being under a spell or affected by some really enjoyable drug.

Click the tag to better understand Mars in Pisces.  I also hope people with this placement or people who have dealt with Mars in Pisces might weigh in. But most of all, I hope people pay attention in the near term because it’s no fun waking up to realize you’ve been tricked.

What do you know about Mars in Pisces?


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