Jupiter-Neptune Sextiles 2020 | Jessica Adams

Jupiter-Neptune Sextiles 2020 | Jessica Adams

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

3.56pm UT (10.56am EST)
Jupiter 17 Capricorn sextile Neptune 17 Pisces

Here we have daydreaming and wishful thinking (Neptune in Pisces) inspiring a financial, business or career waiting game. This is a classic case of opportunities for success (Jupiter in Capricorn) fueled by fantasising. An example might be the vineyard owner who has visions of an award-winning wine, even though growth is so slow that all he can really do is see the pictures in his mind’s eye, rather than any results.

Why is there such slow progress now? We have to put Jupiter in Capricorn (opportunities for tremendous growth and great success) in context. He is alongside Saturn in Capricorn at the moment. Saturn brings delays. This pattern will be personal if you have anything in your birth chart at 17 Capricorn or 17 Pisces. Any placements at all at 17 degrees will also be important, as you will experience a domino effect from other people or large organisations which are cultivating some kind of fantasy-driven, potentially fantastic future.

This is the pattern which reminds us how blind Neptune in Pisces can be. Neptune rules distorted vision. The ‘blur’ of trying to see under water, or peering through mist or gas, both of which are ruled by this planet. Very close to Thursday, February 20th, 2020, there is a blind spot affecting business, finance and career.

Commonly, with Jupiter, this is an inability to see wonderful advantages, plus factors or glittering resources – right at one’s feet. So, as this Jupiter-Neptune sextile kicks in, no matter if it triggers your chart or not, now is the time to be very cautious about missing details. Wake-up calls, snapping fingers, calls to attention or elbows in the ribs might be useful. What is not being seen, by you or others, is precious. Open your eyes, look and see.

In world headlines on February 20th, 2020? Slow growth for the wine and champagne industry, affected by the climate emergency. Spotlight on farming and agriculture and seasonal delays.

Monday, July 27th, 2020

4.06pm UT (12.06pm EST)
Jupiter 20 Capricorn sextile Neptune 20 Pisces

Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican, makes headlines near Monday 27th July 2020, dealing with the fall-out from previous popes, like Benedict, and new challenges. All eyes on his role, and the role of the next pope too.

Pisces, the two fishes, has long been associated with Christianity and across the entire Christian religion, this is a big moment of truth. Pisces, through its rulership of the fish symbol, is also about the fishermen in the Bible.

We’re going to see the laws of Christianity applied quite heavily near Monday 27th July. Jupiter has long been associated with ‘the law’ and what happens as we draw closer to August is the old holy law being applied. We might also be looking at Buddhism and Judaism, Islam and other belief systems near 27th July. There are major questions here about right and wrong, ethics and principles, morals and judgements.

In your own life, if you have factors at 20 Capricorn or 20 Pisces, this will be personal for you. There may be someone around you who is powerfully affected by religion or spirituality then, or you yourself may be drawn into a crossroads about your own faith. Anything at 20 degrees in your chart could also pull you into the situations unfolding in Rome, but also in other major religious centers. Expect a domino effect.

Jupiter in Capricorn is the top authority. Pope Francis, in the case of the Vatican. Neptune in Pisces is about the spirit, God and Heaven. Put those together and you have an historic moment.

The 20-degree hotspot is big in horoscopes cast for major religions. The Book of World Horoscopes (Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004) has the Muslim Era beginning with Mercury at 20 Leo.

There is a chart for the Nativity of Christ showing Mars at 20 Cancer. The astrological chart for Vatican City set for June 7th, 1929, at 11.00am CET in Rome as Mercury at 19 Gemini, just one degree away.

You’d have to expect major headlines about the Pope, the media, the worldwide web and ‘the word’ close to July 27th, 2020.

Monday, October 12th, 2020

7.05am UT (3.05am EST)
Jupiter 18 Capricorn sextile Neptune 18 Pisces

It’s fascinating to see the way Jupiter and Neptune play out three times in 2020, and on the third pass, we have news headlines about a world leader who is ‘all at sea’. Jupiter in Capricorn gives us the man at the top – a Prime Minister, President or leader in big business. We are now just a few weeks away from the American election, so are we looking at the USA in particular?

Strongly influenced by Pisces and Neptune, this ‘king among men’ is not remotely in touch with the real world. He inhabits his own world, actually. There are substantial issues here about the oceans, fishing rights, and ferry and shipping trade. This makes me wonder if we are not looking at PM Boris Johnson who is so concerned with the British fishing industry as he approaches the start of the real Brexit for 2021. There are lots of questions here about how out of touch a particular world leader is.

In your own life, you can expect a knock-on effect, so that people around you who are escapist at the best of times, are positively inspired to drift even further away from the real world, by this general climate of escapism at the top!

Men in particular (Jupiter and Neptune are male symbols) are likely to be harder to get hold of, more difficult to deal with, trickier to contain and control. We’re also seeing huge issues about climate emergency, rising sea levels, heating sea temperatures, and the melting of the ice caps, at this time.

All this suits the Jupiter (too much, excessive, overflowing) connection to Neptune (the oceans – quite literally). Manifesting in human form, we end up with men who have tremendous authority and power, removing themselves from the ordinary, normal world so much that they cut themselves off.

If you have factors at 18 Capricorn or Pisces, be aware that you might also be ‘leading from another world’ and holding your own, on the throne, in a world of your own! This suits you but makes it so difficult for those around you. Anything at all in your horoscope at 18 degrees suggests that you will be strongly affected by the currents of an unstable, unpredictable, somewhat chaotic situation. It’s very Rock ’n’ Roll.

Close to Monday, October 12th, 2020, we’ll see news stories about crazed sea captains, for example, or drugs smugglers who’ve lost the plot!

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