Is Mars In Scorpio Conjunct The Ascendant Bad? | ElsaElsa

Is Mars In Scorpio Conjunct The Ascendant Bad? | ElsaElsa

Mars in ScorpioI have Mars conjunct my Ascendant in Scorpio on the 12th house side. I had someone tell me recently this is bad…but wouldn’t explain!

I haven’t found much online other than a brief little snippet that said if 12th house Mars is NEGATIVELY aspected with ascendant to stay away from violence, guns, etc. but from my searching … conjunction. Is positive?

I’m a beginner in astrology and would love some guidance!

From Carly on Effects Of Mars Conjunct The Ascendant In A Natal Chart

Hi, Carly.  I can see why you’re confused. What you were told makes no sense.  Maybe the person wouldn’t explain because they couldn’t explain! Clarity follows.

  • Mars in it’s home sign, Scorpio is an exceptional placement. It’s effective which is exactly what you want from Mars!
  • Mars (deep) in the 12th house is different from Mars conjunct the ascendant from the 12th house side. It sounds as if you’re dealing with the latter case.  If Mars is within a few degrees of your ascendant, you can figure it’s operating in the first house.  It would be married to your ascendant and all it stands for. In short, you are Mars-in-Scorpio, walking!
  • Further, Mars functions beautifully in the first house, which is rules.
  • Mars in the 12th house cannot square or oppose the ascendant; it’s a conjunction as you’ve learned.
  • Generally speaking, a conjunction is not a negative aspect. It is potent, for good or ill.

Bottom line, you show up, probing. You probed in the other blog post. I responded. This demonstrates your effectiveness!

Do you have Mars conjunct your ascendant in Scorpio?  How does it work for you?




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