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How Will The 2020 Stellium In Capricorn Affect The Taurus & Virgo

wooden braceI want to update this post because I realized there are two stelliums in Capricorn in 2020! Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will be conjunct in Capricorn for most of the latter half of 2020.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will be in Capricorn for four weeks, mid-February until mid – March.  Now check this out:

Mike Gemini asked: How about an insight for those with Earth planets at these degrees?

Sure, Mike.

First, it’s the later degrees that will be most affected. If you have planets in Earth signs between 19-29 degrees, this means you.

The affect of this stellium will be significant and it should be quite positive. Think in terms of being shored up and supported.

The picture illustrates what I mean, in a way that is understated.  It shows wood supporting wood, like planets in Earth signs supporting planets in Earth signs.

But in the support in the picture is dead.  It’s no more than a crutch. The crutch does not supply energy to the tree and that’s where the difference lies.

The transiting planets are  not dead. If you have planets in Earth signs, you will not merely be supported, you’ll be fed.  You’ll be actively helped and/or sustained in some way. You’ll be strengthened and empowered.  It’s a huge difference.

  • Imagine a crew of people, showing up in physical form, to help you.
  • Imagine being dealt the right cards.
  • Imagine needing something and having it be supplied.
  • Imagine being fortified in such a way, you’d be hard to topple.

These are the kind of scenarios people with planets in the later degrees of Earth signs can expect, particularly Taurus and Virgo.  Not bad, huh?

Here are details on the February/March 2020 stellium – Phenomenal!

Do you have planets in the later degrees of the Earth signs?  What’s going on?


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