How Will Saturn In Aquarius Affect The Celebrity Culture?

marilynSaturn will ingress into Aquarius near the end of March, 2020. It will retrograde back into Capricorn in May, then reenter the sign, late December, 2020. At that point, Saturn will remain in Aquarius into 2023.

Being a Capricorn rising, I’m sensitive to Saturn transit. I can see this shift coming in all around me.  I keep reading about the “death of celebrity”. Brightly shining STARS are a Leo phenomena.  Saturn in Aquarius will put a damper on the light. Er… control the ego.

Changes like this come in a cold front.  They’re not sudden, if you’re paying even the slightest attention. I mention this because I’m picking a random point to begin to make my case. It’s not the beginning of the decline!

Many people are disillusioned with Hollywood, to say the least. In some quarters, celebrities are loathed for a variety of reasons. You’re up one day and the next day, you’e toast!

Then, Ricky Gevaris (Cancer with a Scorpio moon, Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Capricorn), pulled this at the Golden Globe awards, January 2020.


This last week, the Oscars hit and all-time ratings low. If you check the ratings of this program over the last 19 years, they average around 40 million viewers.  This year they had 23.6 million. That’s a haircut!

I expect this trend to continue and I think it’s normal, akin to a correction in the stock market.  Your gigantic ego is out of vogue.

What are you noticing, along these lines?


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