How Long Does A Transit Last?

planetsHi, Elsa.

How long does a transit effect a person? Is it a matter of degrees; like if the transit is within 5 or 10 degrees of exact, or is it a matter of what else is going on in the chart, or is it just the person?


Hi, Studying.

All those things factor to some extent but seeing it that way won’t help. Here are some simple rules:

  • The effects of the faster moving planets are fleeting (Sun, Venus, Mercury & Mars).
  • The slower the planet, the longer the transit is in effect.
  • Transits are stronger coming in (applying) then they are as they separate.

In plain language, if Mars transits a planet in your chart, it will hot things up for about a week.

If Pluto transits a planet in your chart, it will affect you for about two years.

As for how these transits affect an individual, if your whole chart is tied up in a huge t-square, the aftermath of a major transit is going to be different from what a person with a transit to a single planet has to deal with.

Here’s an analogy…

Recently, my neighborhood was hit by a major hail storm. It took out my roof, my windows in front and quite a bit of paint. The next door neighbor lost the same, plus the shutters on the windows and chunks from the siding on her house. My other next door neighbor’s house has no visible damage.  There are variables between individuals!

Last, orbs do matter.  There are astrologers who say that a Pluto transit can be felt ten years in advance. Whatever!  To me, that’s like worrying about your kid’s junior year in high school as you’re dropping them off for their first day of Kindergarten!

Here’s a rough estimate of orbs, of when transits can really be felt (to a single planet), for people with average sensitivity

  • Sun, Venus Mercury – Three degrees applying, two degrees separating
  • Mars – Four degrees applying, two degrees separating
  • Jupiter – Five degrees applying, three degrees separating
  • Saturn – Four degrees applying, three degrees separating
  • Uranus – Three degrees applying, two degrees separating
  • Neptune – Three degrees applying, two degrees separating
  • Pluto – Three degrees applying, two degrees separating

I sell two transit reports which not only list the transits to your natal charts, but give the dates the transit is in effect.

This report covers the faster moving planets (Sun – Mars).  It’s good for day to day, week to week planning.

This report covers the slower moving planets (Mars through Pluto). It addresses the deeper processes occurring in your life.

Good luck with your study!

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