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Guerrilla Tactics: Competing For Love

couple in loveStephanie wrote:

“Yeah, just went on a date with a guy Sunday who made me dinner at his house, talked all about how he doesn’t want to be single at midlife, wants to partner and have someone live with him in his big lonely house up in the hills. Super duper wooing mode. Then he calls me last night and announces that he’s actually been in an open relationship for two years and wants to see me too! WTF?!

Saturn please get off my moon! F—!”
I read something like that and I have a visceral reaction. I hear stories like this all the time these days and it gets my Mars in Libra up. I immediately think that Stephanie, and women like her,  need some tactics!

When you are up against this kind of thing, and legions of smart, good-looking women just like you,  who all want to partner; at some point you have to stop and think about how you’re going to achieve your goal.  If you’re running into a man like this or his equivalent, over and over…well I have that Mars that hunts love! I’d be pulling back to figure out exactly how I was going to pull out a win in this situation!

Now if you don’t want a man or if you only want a man under certain conditions, then fine. I’m talking about women who know they want a man and know they are damned scarce and really don’t want to lose the fight. It’s no different than wanting a decent job, which many of these women have. Did you not have to compete to get your job? You probably did.

I just want to blurt all kinds of orders at, Stephanie (and others like her) but I’m sure I’m projecting.  If you ask me to what degree I am projecting, well I have no idea!

Am I more aggressive than most women?

But I see them subjugate themselves all the time in order to get or try to keep a man, so why not do something less demeaning and more effective?

What do you think of this?  I think if I kept baiting my hook and coming up with jerk after jerk after jerk, I might pull back and rethink my strategy.

This is not personal to, Stephanie, who I happen to know thinks tactically. It’s just her post that fired me up.

Leaving me out of it, what do you women who want to partner and know you want to partner think of the scene out there, hmm?  Do you have a plan around how you’re going to deal with it? Wondering this!

I wrote this post in 2011; nothing has changed. Have you changed?


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