Just took the Econsultancy Digital Talent Challenge

I just took the Econsultancy Digital Talent challenge over here.

Its a short two minute test to give you an objective view on how good your digital skills are. Its a clever little web based app and its fun!

For the first time, the app gives marketers the opportunity to test their knowledge around digital marketing and benchmark their expertise against peers. The app has been developed to measure marketers’ knowledge around six key digital disciplines: mobile, social media, email marketing, web analytics, display marketing and SEO. Marketers who take up the challenge will quickly be able to see how they measure up against the average for their sector, job level and years of experience.

Launched to coincide with Marketing Week Live 2013, the app is designed to be a useful tool for all marketing professionals, from those well-versed in digital to more traditional marketers.

The app tests marketers knowledge of their discipline around a range of questions, such as ‘What is real-time bidding?’, ‘What is the most accurate explanation of why companies use push notifications within mobile apps?’ and ‘What is the main advantage of using an API to integrate your web database with your mail database?’ The challenge takes just a couple of minutes to complete.

Naturally I’ve taken the test and am keen to share the output 😉 First, it asks you to self assess on a range of disciplines

Then, it asks you a few questions about yourself, I answered Telecommunications, Director and 10 years to the questions below.


Then after a series of questions, you get a nice graph of your results that explains the results you got in comparison to what you thought you would get. Mine are below. Pretty sweet! My total score is 80%. And according to the Econsultancy App, this puts me in the top 10% of everyone who has so far taken the Digital Talent Challenge. Wonder what my percentage will be as more people start to take it.

econsultancy digital talent challenge chart zohe mustafa

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