5 LinkedIn product updates I wish .@LinkedIn would create

Paid Search function.
LinkedIn would make a killing from allowing its users to utilise pay per click functionality ala Google to allow people to show top of search results. An example use case: I am looking for a job and want to show top of recruiters search results outside of my 1st connections network. No brainer! Dating sites like Badoo allow you to bid to be top of search results so it seems odd that LinkedIn have not.

Advanced Analytics.
I would pay to be able to dive deeper into my profile visitor metrics. What LinkedIn currently provide is useful but I can’t help feeling they have access to much more information than they are sharing. If ever there were LinkedIn product updates that were crying out for improvement its this one. To be fair, it is coming. The image below is a new LinkedIn product feature that shows you how your posts are doing. Look for it in the right column.

linkedin post stats zohe

More than 50 skills.
The limit of having only 50 skills is truly a frustrating one. I could easily add close to 100, from disciplines e.g. Digital Marketing to specific software suites e.g. Google Analytics. Again I would happily pay to be able to upgrade from the default of 50 skills.

Block function.
Why can we not block certain users from viewing our profile? Or take it further why can’t we have the option to stop people with anonymous profiles viewing us? Allowing anonymous profiles goes against the very ethos of LinkedIn but if they insist on allowing anonymity then at least allow those of us who are not shy to restrict these people from stalking our profiles! Or maybe we want to block certain people from viewing our profile for whatever reason. Even if there was a limit, say only block 5 people, this would be a huge upgrade!

Email to lists, Tags, Etc.
Narrow your connections filters in email are only locations and industry. Why can we not filter and email by our tags? Example use case, I have two sets of prospects to whom I want to provide different offers. Currently, to send them an email I have to have one window open on my contacts filtered by the relevant tag, and then a second window with my LinkedIn email program open and then add 50 prospects at a time. When so much of LinkedIn’s functionality is centered around emails and Inmails its a shame that the email software is so lame!

Note, I am not complaining. I love LinkedIn and could easily spend all day on it, but certain product upgrades would go a long way to making it more easier to use and more useful too!


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