Monthly Archives: April 2010

Brands, Apps & Augmented Reality

Whats the opportunity for brands to produce a mobile app? How can brands take advantage of augmented reality?

If a brand has only just got round to thinking about how to participate in the mobile apps revolution then maybe pontificating about augmented reality is too soon? Or is it? In this post I'll take a look at three augmented reality mobile applications. [aka Yellow Pages], which lets face it, in a world with Google & social networks like Foursquare was rapidly becoming irrelevant, has just pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a very cool augmented reality upgrade to their mobile app [ ]. Layar was the first augmented reality app that started to make the headlines [ ] and Nokia have recently released Point & Find through Nokia Beta Labs [ ]. But first, lets have a quick analysis of what you need to consider when producing a mobile app.

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