Monthly Archives: March 2010

Split Social Media Personalities

I was browsing through my social media profiles the other day and was struck by the fact that I have so many profiles. And I was stricken again when I realised that ever since my baby boy arrived, most of my "socialising" or networking is virtual.
I then thought that for all my identities in these 'social' sites, I use each one differently. In total I have 20 social site profiles whether they be social networking, social bookmarking etc. The collector in me must list them :-) Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Qik, Friendfeed, Mashable, Friends Reunited, Yammer, Linked In, FourSquare, Fring, Skype, Buddycloud, MSN, Myspace,Orkut, Wordpress, Ovi, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious.

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Partner Marketing is Earned Media

Customer and partner marketing is Earned Media. And, in an operator driven market, earned media is for me, the magic key to open the door to larger sales volumes  . Note  I did not say social media.
I am in fact referring to the earned media of big and little brands bought media spend, towards advertising apps for your devices.  Apps are big news as we know, apps on the  iPhone are even bigger news. And every brand and its uncle is looking to create an app for said iPhone.  Not only are these brands tripping over each other to get an iPhone app produced, they are buying media from OOH to TV and Print to Digital to promote the app on the iPhone….